Science Fair Project: Geriatrics

Li Hoi Ming bc_lhm at
Wed Jun 25 11:44:25 EST 1997

Dave/Debbie Rogers wrote:
> My name is Summer Rogers.  I am seeking specific ideas and/or useful
> information for a Science Fair project in the field of Geriatrics.  I am
> particularly interested in cellular aging and research for the benefit
> of uncovering the "secrets" of free radicals, mitochondria, and their
> relationships to cellular aging.
>         I have availability to experimentation equipment through California
> State University Fresno, and am eager to participate in the discoveries
> of this newly popularized field of study.  Having however, just been
> introduced to Gerontology, I am seeking the knowledge of others in hope
> of formulating a specific hypothesis and suggestions on how to proceed
> in proving such a hypothesis to be true or false.  I would also
> appreciate any original ideas from which I could possibly expand on, to
> reach a hypothesis.  I am readily willing to share any results I may
> obtain with those who assist me.  Thank you.
>                                                                                                 Senior Clovis High School Student,
>                                                                                                                 Summer Rogers


	There is a lot anti-aging information on the Internet. Such as Aging
Research Centre (ARC) ( 
	Also, in my university ,Hong Kong University of Science &
Technology(, Dr. Robert K. M. Ko is now having a
research on antioxidants. For further details please go to
( or dial
001-852-23587298. Thank you.

										Lucius Li

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