English gerontologists

Longevity-Digest/Brian Rowley BRowley at ALUMNI.UBC.CA
Mon Mar 10 18:05:11 EST 1997

Those of you who are English gerontologists or graduate students studying
the biology of aging, please reply to this post. I will be in England
between April 28 and May 20, and would like to meet English gerontologists
and their graduate students to chat with them informally about their (past
or present) work. My purpose is purely educational; I'm not a job-seeker or
spy trying to swipe unpublished ideas. I am visiting my English grandparents
and wish to use the opportunity to hear about the work of as many English
gerontologists as are willing to talk to me.

        I am Brian Rowley (BS, MS). I am currently applying to Ph. D
programs at UCLA and UC Riverside to study the biology of aging (I'm being
purposely vague, here). I wasn't planning on doing my Ph. D in England, but
am interested in gaining contacts for possible future collaboration, and
most importantly, in getting up to date on a broad range of work :->


                                Brian Rowley

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