Anti-ageing effects of kinetin

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Fri May 16 03:46:18 EST 1997

For the last several years I have been reporting here the progress as
regards the anti-ageing effects of the plant growth hormone kinetin. Just
to remind you, we have previously published the youth-promoting and
anti-ageing effects of kinetin on human cells; life prolongation of
Drosophila; and the identification of kinetin in natural sources, mainly in
DNA. Now, we have published another paper showing that kinetin increases
longevity of fruitflies by increasing some of the antioxidant enzyme
systems. However, this increased lifespan is achieved at a cost of reduced
egg laying. The complete reference to the published paper is as below
(along with its abstract)

In: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology International, vol 41; pp. 869-875,
1997 (April issue)

Increased  longevity  of  kinetin-fed  zaprionus  fruitflies  is
accompanied  by  their  reduced  fecundity  and  enhanced  catalase

Suraj  P.  Sharma1,  Jaspal Kaur1  and  Suresh I. S. Rattan2*

1 Department of Zoology, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar - 143005, India

2 Laboratory of Cellular Ageing, Department of Molecular and Structural
Biology, Aarhus University, DK-8000 Aarhus - C, Denmark

Summary:  Kinetin, a cytokinin plant growth hormone, retards senescence in
plants, delays aging in human cells in culture, slows down development of
insects and prolongs their lifespan. We have now observed that the
increased longevity of Kn-fed Zaprionus fruitflies was accompanied by an
increase in the specific activity of catalase during developmental stages
and in adult insects. In addition, the egg laying capacity of Kn-fed
fruitflies was reduced drastically as compared with those kept on a normal
diet. These results support the view that improved maintenance of the soma
and prolongation of its life is achieved at the cost of decreased
reproductive activity.

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