Company Launch to Global Expansion

mlmdream at TEAM-INSPIRE.COM mlmdream at TEAM-INSPIRE.COM
Sun May 25 16:53:39 EST 1997

On April 15th, 1997, a company launched its U.S. direct sales operation. They are presently
negotiating markets in the Phillipines, Brazil, Argentina, and Canada. They have spent several 
years developing their business plan, compensation, distribution network, and sales and marketing 
strategies. In association with a solvent pharmaceutical corporation, they have developed or are 
now in the development stage, and hold world wide marketing rights to a number of unique 
environmental, health, and fitness products. For the past decade they have been a leader in 
developing and producing the highest quality Homeopathic, Herbal, Nutraceutical, Natural 
Pharmaceutical, and Weight Loss products. Until now these exclusive products have only been 
available to health care professionals.

The company is initially offering a line of weight loss management products with plans to introduce 
several other product lines over the next 18 months that have been thorooughly researched and 
developed. We are committed to only introducing the highest quality products that have 
exceptional consumer appeal and demand. One of our initial products is the Body Zone weight 
management system. It is a highly specialized metabolic weight loss program that is available in 30 
day supplies. We are also releasing 12 other products that compliment and/or add to this system. 

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