WWW: Hardin Meta Directory update - Geriatrics

Eric Rumsey eric-rumsey at uiowa.edu
Wed Nov 12 12:06:50 EST 1997

This is to announce an updated version of the Hardin Meta Directory web
page for Geriatrics. All links have been checked to confirm connection and
new links have been added, including the following:

-Brownson's aging resources, Dianne Brownson 
-Michigan Electronic Library - Aging 
-North MHC Library (Minnesota) - Geriatrics 
-Mental Health Net - Geriatrics
-Vintage Care: Geriatrics Resources on the Net , Richard Peters, Robert
Sikorski, JAMA NetSight A Guide to Interactive Medicine, Oct 22/29, 1997 

An * important feature* for Hardin MD is that we are now using a link
checker to check the connection rate for the lists that are included.
Generally the lists with better connection rates are toward the top of
their size category (although size of the list is also a consideration in
placement). Lists on the updated Hardin MD Geriatrics page with especially
good connection rates include:

-Eldercare Web - Text only | Graphical, Karen S. Brown 
-Directory of WEB and Gopher Sites on Aging, Bruce M. Craig, Admin Aging 
-Aging and Dementia Web Resources, Washington Univ 
-Web Sources on Aging, Andrus Gerontology Library, Univ So California 
-Interactive Aging Network 
-GeroWeb, Institute Gerontol, Wayne State Univ 
-Yahoo:Health:Geriatrics and Aging 
-Brownson's aging resources, Dianne Brownson 
-Michigan Electronic Library - Aging 
-North MHC Library (Minnesota) - Geriatrics 
-Mental Health Net - Geriatrics

Of course, using our link checker, the links on our own pages have
superlative connection rates, generally above 98%.

The URL for the Hardin Meta Directory Geriatrics page is -

Please check it out !

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