Looking for info on anti-aging hormone therapies

Rodney Reid rreid at earth.execpc.com
Tue Nov 18 21:32:18 EST 1997

	Yes.   Go to www.dejanews.com, type in "DHEA & evidence", and pick
a thread.  James Howard, Tom Matthews, and Steve Harris have all responded
in an intelligent and scientific way with regards to hormone

	If that's not enough, try the national centers's for biotechnology
information's PubMed medline access engine at


and type in "DHEA" or "Melatonin".   There are thousands of entries.

Einar Ottestad (*+*einar at tamu.edu) wrote:
: I'm doing some research on the various anti-aging hormone therapies
: currently being attempted, including Melatonin, hGH, and DHEA.  I'm
: curious about hearing the issue from both sides, pro-therapy and
: anti-therapy.  I've extensively searched the web without finding any
: really well-written, scientific, non-biased, articles on the topic
: that aren't hidden in "Buy-Me" propaganda.  Does anyone have any
: details or, rather, can point me in a direction where I could find
: useful information on the topic?  Also, if anyone knows of alternate
: therapies to the ones I've mentioned, please inform me.  Please
: e-mail me at:

: *+*Einar*+*@tamu.edu   remove *+*

: Thanks 

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