5-HTP raises cortisol levels

kugler drkugler at gte.net
Wed Apr 22 01:55:33 EST 1998

With all the good things that are being said about 5-HTP - - and I
don't disagree with them - - but doesn't anybody worry that 5-HTP
raises cortosil levels, especially in older people who are already
taking antidepressants like Fluoxetine?

Sure, we can tell people that 5-HTP is probably better than anti-
depressants, but who really believes that they will quit these drugs
when they start taking 5-HTP?

Cortisol levels in non-medicated people are also raised, even
though less than in medicated patients, at levels as low as 50 mg/day
of 5-HTP.

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                       Hans J. Kugler, PhD

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