IGF-1 a fat scavenger

Ralph L. Samson 73071.20 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Apr 27 06:15:15 EST 1998

Dear ageing bionet readers,
       In the continuing saga on IGF-1, I now realize that it acts like
a scavenger of fat as it courses through the blood.  While there are
morale benefits in losing external, cosmetic fat, the greatest benefit
is in loss of internal fat.  In my case, after three months, my nasal
and sinus passages stayed clear all the time and my sleep apnea just
disappeared.  This was due to loss of fat in the tissue lining the
passages and the mouth.  After five months, the external fat by my
stomach was gone.  Note that the internal fat was lost earlier.  I
think this is due to there being less of it.  After about eight
months, I tried stopping taking the stearic acid capsules.  After
10 days, my nose started to clog up.  I went back on stearic acid,
and my nose was again clear in about three weeks.  Just recently,
I went off the stearic acid for about two weeks without any
noticeable effect.  I think this is due to atrophy of unused fat
storage cells which aren't then available to block the nose.
       The recently released results of a Harvard study linked
asthma and obesity.  I think this is another candidate for
benefitting from IGF-1.  IGF-1 will produce loss of fat in the
tissue lining the bronchial tubes and the mouth, widening the
passages, and making them less likely to block.
       All this makes me wonder if IGF-1 would also scavenge
the plaque in the blood vessels.  This would have be checked
by imaging scans.  If it were true, this could mean the end of
the expensive and dangerous coronary bypass and angioplasty
operations.  That would be a tremendous blessing.  Perhaps
someone will investigate this possibility.
Regards, Ralph L. Samson

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