Ageing and Islam

zaheer hassan zaidi zaidi3 at
Tue Apr 28 13:56:26 EST 1998

Dear Sirs,
Howdy from Karachi Pakistan. I was browsing on the internet when I came
across your address and about ageing.
    The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) told to one of his
friends who wanted to know the secret for longivity and wanted to live
for hundred of years. The Prophet of Islam was in a very good mood and
He (PBUH) told the questioner that if he recited  the "Four Quls", once
in the morning and once in the evening, he would not die. The same man
was seen 200 years later during Pilgrimage to Mecca, and he narrated
this hadis (saying of the Holy Prophet) to the then Muslim Ummvi Calif
Hashsham Bin Abdul Malik. If any one of you wantrs to live for thousands
of years, just follow this saying very religiously and recite the "Four
Quls" given in the Last the 30th Part of Holy Quran in the end pages,
and see the Miracle of ALLAH's Holy Quran, which was revealed through
Angel Ginrael on the Holy Prophet (PBUH). There is a holy verse which
states that the Prophet of Islam never opens His mouth unless there is a
revealation from ALLAH, the GOD ALMIGHTY.
    Gentlemen, this is a challenge to the whole mankind that this email
is correct and 100% true. If you start believing in it, then I suppose
that one day before your end isd near you may convert into a Muslim (A
follower of Islamic Faith followed by the Prophet of Islam and His
Brother Ali Ibne Abi Talib. You may pray for me as a result of this
email for as long as ye all shall live.
    I wish you all a very long and prosperous happy life.
PS. This is the age of Science. Every kind of research is going on about
ageing. Why not try these "Four Quls" as you will lose nothing but the
gains and addition to human knowledge will be COLOSSAL.
Wish you all the best of every thing in life once again, I remain,
Yours Truely, Zaheer H Zaidi, 199-L, Block-2, PECHS, Karachi-75400,
Telefax #92-21-4545788. Bye for now------...

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