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>>> In plain english they have found the cause and the cure for aging.
>Actually they found the a mechanism of cellular senesence.

Quite true and a possible means of intervention in the enzyme telomerase.

The "caveats" mentioned below did qualify this statement which was posted 
solely to the newsgroup alt.immortal in response to someone asking about 
legitimate scientific investigations into aging.  Had I been posting to this 
newsgroup I would have much more specific.
>>He makes this statment, but then goes on to provide a huge list of caveats
>>totally invalidate it.

The "caveats" included, "It doesn't work on nerve or other non-reproducing 
cells and there is still no concrete evidence that cellular aging is related 
to survival of the entire organism and uncontrolled telomerase activity does 
lead to cancer...". (Actually that last statement appears to be incorrect in 
that while telomerase may be necessary for the "immortality" of cancer cells, 
telomerase activity in and of itself does not cause uncontrolled growth or 
the formation of cancerous tissue.)

In any case this post, including the "caveats", makes it clear to any 
knowledegable reader that, while there is still much work to be done, we may 
have found a process that could lead to an extension of the human life span.

May, could and caveats, I am hedging my statements as we have to until the 
research is completed.  But I really believe this is the research that WILL 
lead to an extended life span!

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Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.    

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