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1998 Fall Gathering of the Tribes
New Quarter Park
Yorktown, Virginia
September 10 - 13, 1998

Leave your mundane worries at the gate, get your home away  from home set up, and settle in for an enjoyable weekend of Pagan Networking, Knowledge Exchange, and  Fun.  The natural  setting of New Quarter Park in historic Yorktown is rich with historical and  new times energies that allow us to renew our connection with the Mother, and to look  into our future to see the changes we are creating right now!
The Gathering is growing by leaps and bounds! his tremendous upsurge of interest in Pagan, Wiccan, and other  "Magical" Traditions is not just a local phenomenon, it is a  National, even International wonder to behold! We are proud to be a part of it!

                                  We are pleased to have as our very special guests.....

Trish Telesco 
               Trish Telesco is 38 years old, the mother of three children (and one husband), and chief human to three cats and a dog. She has authored numerous metaphysical books including Victorian Grimoire, Kitchen Witch's Cookbook, Futuretelling, and Goddess in my Pocket. By the year 2,000 she hopes to have a total of 30 books on the market. 
Recently Trish has quit her job to devote herself to the community full time via writing and workshops.  She enjoys hobbies like herbalism and singing, and is presently looking for people interested in helping with a book on Sacred Sites. If you have information to share, see her this weekend. 
Throughout the weekend Trish will be selling her books and offering readings from the Sacred Stone Oracle. 

               L.B.Taylor is known as the "Ghosts of ... Author".  The Ghosts of Tidewater, The Ghosts of Richmond, The Ghosts of Charlottesville and The Ghosts of WIlliamsburg are among a few of his books in print.  Mr. Taylor will take us on a tour of the supernatural in Virginia.  He will present a slide show of rare film footage documenting unexplained apparitions.

Arawn Machia 
               Arawn Machia is a healer, Strega high priest and elder, psychotherapist, and spiritual counselor.  He is schooled in ancient magickal practices and modern  behavior sciences, and has studied with internationally recognized shaman and  psychologists in both the United States and Europe.  Who's Who in the World  says Dr. Machia's "noteworthy achievements are of lasting value to humankind." He holds degrees in theology, education, and psychology, and has done post-doctoral work in Princeton.  Arawn has been a presenter at numerous conferences and has been published in numerous pagan and secular journals.  His own journal, "Dragon Whispers", is distributed throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

Marti Hohl
Marti Hohl is a Reiki master teacher and a Priest in the Order of Melchizadek.  She holds a BMEd from Brescia College and has studied with Master Teachers in aromatherapy and energetic essences.   A lifelong student of natural healing and psychology, Marti is a mystic, a healer and a teacher.   
Ms. Hohl will be offering workshops on Reiki 1,2,&3, Vibrational Essences and Pure Essential Oils.  She will also be available for individual Reiki Attunements throughout the weekend for an additional fee.

Oxun Olakari' Al'aye 
               Tyo Llorente: Oxun Olakari' Al'aye is an initiate priestess of Oshun of both Brazilian Condomble and Afro-Cuban Santeria, as well as an initiate of Palo Mayombe. She brings to her present practice a diverse background: clinical and Jungian psychology, shamanic trance and healing work. She has, for the past 15  years, traveled to many countries lecturing and learning, including extensive study while living in Brazil. She is a practitioner of ecstatic dance, a poet and lyricist, Akpetebi' de Orunmila ("Maid of Orunmila"), a practitioner and student of Awo  of Mirrors, through silence and through sound, stillness and movement, introspection and celebration, is the reflection through which the beautiful reveals itself. Ecstasy is a love affair with the divine. Maferefun Orisha. 
Oxun will be offering workshops  about the practices and traditions of Ifa' and Orisha worship as expressed through Yoruba, Afro-Cuba Santeria, and Afro-Brazilian Candomble.  She will explain the qualities and attributes of various Orisha (forces in nature as faces of Deities) and the ways in which the Aleyo (non-initiated worshippers can respectfully and productively work with the Orisha traditions.                      

Patty Robbins BSN, RN, CVN 
               Ms. Robbins  is a licensed Registered Nurse, and a Certified Vascular Nurse who practices and instructs the Art of Healing Touch.  She will be offering various workshops throughout the Gathering on Healing Touch and  Interactive Imagery. Ms. Robbins will also be available for private consultations.                  

Rev. WhiteDove, BS, IDS, BSS 
               A new mom who takes her religion, her family and  her education, very seriously. Rev. WhiteDove, a Practicing Wiccan HPS, has just emerged victorious in a year long battle to adopt her daughter and is now stepping out of the shadows and into her own light. "Dove" is a strong advocate for community and brings with her experiences and insights available to few and valuable to all. 

Bick Thomas 
               Bick Thomas has been a practicing magician for over 14 years, and graduated from William & Mary with a major in Medieval / Classical history.  He has published several articles in local pagan newsletters, and has conducted extensive research into the  religious and magical practices of the ancient world. 

Donna Schneider 
               Donna  brings to the Gathering  many years of experience as a Designer and Historian.  Her extensive knowledge of “the Old Ways”  includes the Culinary Arts, Clothing Design, Hair Braiding, Beading, Herb lore, and so much more!  

The Group Ritual,  and various other functions throughout the  Gathering, are being performed by the EarthRising and Risning Tide CUUPS groups.  The Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans is formed for the purposes of enabling networking among Pagan identified UUs; providing outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan Community; providing educational materials on Paganism for Unitarian Universalist congregations and the general public; promoting Pagan and Jewish /  Christian dialogue; encouraging the development of theological and liturgical materials based on earth and nature centered religious and spiritual perspectives; encouraging greater use of music, dance, visual arts, poetry, story, and creative ritual in Unitarian Universalist worship and celebration; providing support for Pagan identified UU  religious professionals and ministerial students; and fostering healing relationships with our Mother the Earth and all her children. 

and special entertainment by Herringbone
Herringbone will be presenting an eclectic blend of modern and traditional Celtic music. Bev Yeskolski plays the hammered dulcimer, keyboards, bodhran, and penny whistle,  John Ickes, the guitar, banjo, and bagpipes and Cindy Kays, the guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo.Herringbone will be available to autograph copies of their CD’s after the concert.

There will be the traditional potluck dinner Friday night, followed by a bonfire and drumming, a HUGE Bonfire Saturday night after the concert to drum and dance  around, special children's activities throughout the event, and much, much more! 

Rules, Regulations, and other stuff you gotta know!
-The Gathering will open at 1 p.m. Thursday, September 10, 1998  and close 6 p.m. Sunday, September 13, 1998. 
-Membership into the '98 Fall Gathering of the Tribes costs $20.00 until August 1, 1998 and $25.00 after August 1,1998 for adults.  Children 15 and under are admitted free.  Checks, Mastercard, Visa, weapons, precious metals, bolts of attractive cloth, and small children are accepted in payment. 
-Everyone requesting admittance must fill out a membership form and sign a waiver.  A valid picture ID must be presented at the gate. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  All minors must have a membership form and waiver, signed by the parent or guardian. 
-Everyone is requested to do a 2 hour workshift at some point during the event.  This is the main way we keep our costs down.  Each member is asked to sign up for one 2 hour work shift in registration, information, set up, clean up, lake watch, etc. Sign up sheets for the different work shift slots will be available at registration.  Sign up early to get you favored time slot and area. 
-Merchant space is $25.00 and includes a 20 x 20 foot space and one membership.  Vendors needing additional booth space must make special arrangements in advance. Merchant space is limited to 20 vendors. 
-The site is semi-primitive.  There is running, hot water and there are a few flush toilets, but no showers. Porta potties will be used to supplement the porcelain thrones.   Bring your solar shower! 
-We are VERY sorry but Clothes are NOT optional at this event, they are required.  We are in Virginia, which means you are required to cover up most of the body parts associated with sexual pleasure. 
-Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at New Quarter (or any other county) Park.  Anyone seen with an alcoholic beverage will be asked to remove it from the park. “Chugging it down” is NOT an acceptable method of removal. 
-Everyone is responsible for their own food, tents, trash collection, pets, children, attitudes and actions. 

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