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> you. also, whose ova is a million years old?  now that i really dont
> understand. >how can a person's eggs be older than they are?
> >
> >hazel
>    Your ova are make from two cells which are obviously older than you
> are-- one comes from your father, and one from your mother.  You can
> argue that the cell from your father has been rigorously selected out,
> so that only a perfect copy gets to do the job.  But the mechanism for
> that with ova is much less obvious, if this happens.  So far as we
> knows, follicles mature randomly, and the one that opens first is the
> one that gets the chance.  It may be that some subtle selection is
> going on beforehand, I admit.  You do, after all, start out with 10 or
> 100 million oocytes, and a thus a lot more disappear each month than
> are released.  
>                                      Steve Harris

wait, as far as i understand i was made from the union of a sperm and an
egg cell.  however, those are long gone.  the DNA is still around, but DNA
is not a cell.  what cells in me are older than me?  i think i am missing a
genetic point.  if i pass on my dna to my child, he or she will have half
my dna but not any of "my" cells, i.e. cells in me right now.  or will
s/he?  am i wrong?

as for the rest: what do you mean by saying my father's sperm cell was
"selected out" ?  


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