Cause of aging

Kate klindner at
Mon Aug 17 23:13:07 EST 1998

Steven B. Harris <sbharris at> wrote in article
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>    Obviously it's achievable.  There are immortal plants (aspens) and
> animals (corals, maybe even lobsters).  Their mitochondria obviously
> don't give them any problems, and they don't get new ones from Mars. 
> Whether old mitochondria are repaired, or just produced anew and free
> of defect at a sufficient pace, is immaterial.  For the cell, it's
> repair either way.  Any process that makes new fresh cell organelles
> counts as "cell repair" in my book. 
  What about the possibility of a selection process - with defective cells
being weeded out?  Non dividing cells can't afford to weed out.


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