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Wed Aug 19 07:18:10 EST 1998

  sbharris at B. Harris) wrote:
>    This isn't accelerated aging--- it just looks like it because
> collagen synthesis is screwed up.  Kids with progeria (or
> Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome) don't get more cancer or Alzheimer's, for
> instance.  Other candidates for "premature aging" syndromes all have
> areas in which they fall short of being pefect aging models.

Might the fact that they exhibit only some signs of aging be indicative of
the multi-faceted character of aging? If aging is caused by 14 different
things and someone manifests only 4 of those things perhaps that would be a
perfect way to research those 4 things without the other 10 things
interfering. Or do you mean they only have aging-like symptoms unrelated to
"natural" aging?

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