Telomeric Theory of Aging

Jennifer Ann Petersen jennifer at
Fri Aug 21 08:19:53 EST 1998

Beverly Erlebacher wrote in message
<1998Aug20.123428.29969 at>...
>I don't remember if the paper said, but the important point is that the
>life span was no different from that of the mouse strain that the knock-out
>line originated from.  I don't know what lab mice normally die of.

Yes, the fact that life span remained the same is significant.
Since the study was to see if death came later, I thought the cause of death
would somehow be important. It would seem that in a study such as this,
saying "I dunno, they just up 'n died" ignores an important piece of
information. Did they all explode? Did they write tiny suicide notes? That
would give credence to the boredom theory ;-) Did any of them develop

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