aging of different tissues

Rodney Reid rreid at
Thu Aug 20 19:35:15 EST 1998

All mad scientist notions aside,

	If you found a way to cure aging of skin, then other tissues
would be "undead" as well...Lung, and possibly intestines, throat,

	Telomerase (if it works in higher animals) may do just this -
dividing tissues will stay relatively young...but there's still going to
be collagen crosslinking of tissues [causing wrinkles], and lipofuscin
buildup [causing age spots])

	Other nondividing tissues - cardiac muscle, nerves/brain would not
benefit, and would still die off and get old.  The research being done on
fruit flies is interesting in this regard, since their cells don't divide
after sexual maturity --- here is where antioxidants really shine.


hazel (hazelNOSPAM at wrote:
: ok, i have another hypothetical question.  lets just assume for the sake of
: this argument that aging in each body tissue/system has a unique and
: specific cause.  now say, for example, that someone finds a cure for the
: aging of skin.  could you really have a person with non-aging, young,
: smooth skin who was otherwise rotting away on the inside?  

: hazel

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