SOD and Downe's Syndrome

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Fri Aug 21 10:23:17 EST 1998

Cathy Woodgold wrote:

> It's my understanding that the main problem with Downe's Syndrome
> is too much SOD, therefore too much of the free radicals that are
> created by SOD when breaking down other free radicals.

That certainly has been the common view, and I believe it still is.

> Might it be feasible to treat Downe's Syndrome by putting more of the
> latter type of enzyme into the person, perhaps by daily injections?
> (Or by consuming the nutrients needed for that enzyme (selenium??))

Some studies have been done on this -- a search in Medline using the
string "down's syndrome catalase" works quite well.  I don't know any
more, but I also found a reference (Int J Dev Biol 1989;33(1):183-188)
which notes that glutathione peroxidase (the other hydrogen peroxide
destroying enzyme) is not upregulated in response.  The abstract doesn't
give any theory why not, though.

> If we can find effective treatments for Downe's Syndrome, it
> might help us find anti-ageing treatments for everyone.

Quite possibly.  I will look up the above paper and others and maybe
post something more illuminating in due course.  Thanks for the idea.

Aubrey de Grey

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