IGF-1 & Heart Failure

Ralph L. Samson 73071.20 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Sun Aug 30 06:57:26 EST 1998

Ageing bionet readers,
       Because of a friend's problem with heart failure, I was looking it
up on the internet.  I found a report from the February (misspelled Febuary)
1998 issue of Life Extension Magazine which mentioned using HGH.  This
made me realize that my method of direct stimulation of the liver to
produce IGF-1 may have great potential against heart failure.  It is
very quick, very cheap and should reach the heart and the arteries of
the heart muscle very quickly.  Because it may be mainly free IGF-1,
it may be even more potent than HGH.  Perhaps, this may stir up a
little more interest in this method.  The IGF-1 should both reduce fat
in the muscle tissue and build up lean tissue.
Regards, Ralph L. Samson

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