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Tue Dec 8 00:39:52 EST 1998

Tom Matthews wrote:
> Brian Manning Delaney wrote:

>> My approach to anti-aging is: deal with Calorie
>> restriction for 5-10 (maybe more)  years, and,
>> in the meantime, invest in Geron (and the others,
>> including Lifeline  Laboratories, of course!),
>> and wait for the biohacks.

> Which is a good strategy (probably the best if
> you can handle it) if you are under 40. But if
> you are over 60, it may not be sufficient. I
> think it will take the "biohacks" a lot more
> than 10 years to perfect and make available a
> general aging deterioration cure.

Alas, you are probably right. My guesstimate is that we'll see
some widely available biohacks possibly within ten years, but
they'll only slow aging a little, or deal with a few of its
consequences (damaged tissue in arteries, the hippocampus, maybe,
etc.). But it probably will take a lot longer for an actual cure.

So an optimistic (but I hope not overly so) scenario for someone
your age, Tom, would be: make it to 70, which you will almost
certainly do given your current life style, at which point
there'll be some life-extension regimens around to make it very
likely that you'll make it to 75 or 80, at which point there'll
be some life-extension regimens around....(etc.).

But if you're 65 or 70 or older (or younger and not healthy),
it'll be a closer call.

On the other hand, in light of cloning breakthroughs, and the
recent stem cell findings, maybe that scenario is not nearly
optimistic ENOUGH. I'm guessing there are already wealthy people
setting up cloning or stem cell labs in Mexico, their basements,
etc. All they'd have to do is either get human cloning to work
(easy, most likely), not mind abortions[1]; or learn how to
direct stem cell growth towards particular tissues, to take the
two most obvious approaches.

Can't be that hard.

Hmm.. maybe it's time to quit CR? :)

Say, anyone want to start a lab?


[1] Grabbing organs/tissue from a child/adult, unless s/he's
anencephalic [and even then?], would be sick. Also, 2) they'd
have to accept using women for the sole purpose of carrying their
clones, until some new incubation technology becomes available.

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