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>> Alas, you are probably right. My guesstimate is
>> that we'll see some widely available biohacks
>> possibly within ten years, but they'll only slow
>> aging a little, or deal with a few of its
>> consequences (damaged tissue in arteries, the
>> hippocampus, maybe, etc.). But it probably will
>> take a lot longer for an actual cure.

> If a way to deliver the telomerase gene to every
> cell in the human body, or at least the vast
> majority of them, is discovered then we might
> have a "biohack" that could probably actually
> REVERSE  at least a good part of the aging
> process.

William, I hope you're right! But I suspect telomerase will solve
a smaller part of aging than many are now thinking. We'll see.

> But you know, if ALT-711 (Alteon's AGE/Crosslink
> breaker) gets approved in the next few years, we
> might have a drug that could reverse at least
> some aspects of the aging process in which AGEs
> and Crosslinks are involved, help us live
> healthier lives, and perhaps increase the human
> life span by a decade or so.

I look forward to seeing the reslts of ongoing research with
ALT-711 (and related compounds). Not only might we have a good
anti-aging drug, but we will also end up knowing much more about
how aging works, whatever the results of the studies.

>>Can't be that hard.
>>Hmm.. maybe it's time to quit CR? :)

> I am considering going on CR myself. But the
> problem is my family has a life style of eating
> all kinds of food. Both healthy food sometimes,
> fatty foods, fried foods, candy, and sugar rich
> foods. I really need to lose about 10 pounds
> myself to get down to a normal weight for my age
> and height, but it is hard to do that living
> with my parents and brothers.

William you're 18 or so, right? Are you overweight because you
have more fat than average, or because you're just big-boned or
-muscled? If the former, losing weight would be smart (though
maybe too difficult with all the tempting food around you). If
the latter, you might want to wait a few years before going on
CR, just to be ultra safe. Or go on only mild CR. The main
(slight) risk is that it could prevent you from reaching your
full size.

>>Say, anyone want to start a lab?

> Hey, once I figure out a way to attend college,
> and get a degree of some kind in biology, I plan
> to start an anti-aging lab myself. If it is in
> the college or university that is fine. But if
> they will not want me to have it there, I will
> do it in a basement, a spare room, a warehouse,

Great! Do it!

> Perhaps we could all work together and be the
> anti-aging versions of the three "Lone Gunmen"
> nerds on XFiles! :-)

Even better! (But would we have to live in that apartment? :)

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