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Tom Matthews tmatth at
Wed Dec 9 02:15:52 EST 1998

ufotruth at wrote:

> >So an optimistic (but I hope not overly so) scenario for someone
> >your age, Tom, would be: make it to 70, which you will almost
> >certainly do given your current life style, at which point
> >there'll be some life-extension regimens around to make it very
> >likely that you'll make it to 75 or 80, at which point there'll
> >be some life-extension regimens around....(etc.).
> With Tom's very healthy life style and good health he will most
> probably at LEAST make it to 75 or 80 years without any new
> life-extension regimens. But in the next couple years, if ALT-711 is
> approved by the FDA, that drug could help him make it to AT LEAST
> 90-100 years. By then, there will probably be safe and effective
> telomerase enlongation therapies, safe and effective STEM CELL
> transplants, mitochondrial repair therapies, even better AGE and
> crosslink breakers, and all kinds of therapies to help him live to for
> a few thousand more years, at least.

I must say that it is a nice change to see so many people so interested
in how I might successfully extend my lifespan and avoid being part of
the last generation to die from old age.

Much better than being attacked, smeared, or flamed :-)

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