concerns regarding continuation of ageing research

spring spring at
Tue Dec 8 21:52:15 EST 1998

Does anybody else share my concern that ageing research, at least in the
US, will be effectively stopped? I envision the religious right and
center making an alliance with environmentalists to stop humans playing
god and destroying the planet by becomming immortal. The government may
not like it either, especially if it means more social security and
medicare costs. Besides cutting funding, and making this type of
research illegal, terrorist methods might be used to stop it. A bit of
this was foreseen by Ben Bova in the SF book "Brothers". Right now,
everyone is distracted with cloning and pluripotent cells, but soon they
will wake up to what ageing research is really about. Another possible
scenario, is that once the research is illegalized it will go
underground or happen in other countries, and once drugs are produced
only the very rich will be able to obtain them on the black market.

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