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>Exactly how do you figure this is going to allow your "mind" to carry on
>into the future?

Have you heard of the "Soul Catcher" chip? It is a chip being designed
by British Telecom that would be implanted near your brain behind your
eye. It would record all of your thought patterns, memories, emotions,
feelings, etc. They are planning on using the American Computer
Company's Transfer Capacitor technology to build the chip so that it
can be small, but still hold, from what I have read, 2.4 TERABYTES of
storage that can be periodically downloaded into an even larger

It is possible that in the future, if your body dies, they could clone
you a new body, with a blank brain, and could implant the chip in the
new brain which would upload the memories, feelings, emotions, and

Of course this is only a possibility and the best thing would probably
be to just prevent the death of the body in the first place with
anti-aging therapies. :-)

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