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Sun Dec 20 21:45:04 EST 1998

Hi William:

I am afraid you are talking above Tim Reynolds' head.

You see the good "professor" cannot even spell, let alone
understand what you are saying.  :)


ufotruth at ix.netcom.com wrote in message
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>>Probably a type of soup.
>In a way, you are correct. You see "theoretically" it could just be a
>type of soup, dishwashing liquid, or dog food. But it seems to me that
>there is also a good chance it is some kind of "substance",
>"compound", or "drug", that has "something" to do with cellular aging,
>for which obviously GERON has recieved a trademark.
>>Or it could be green algae (packeged pond scum)
>Again, theoretically, that could be a possibility. But I really hope
>it is one of the following, even though it probably is not:
>1) A telomerase inducer which would cause the telomerase gene already
>present in cells to express itself and create telomerase.
>2) A kind of viral vector that could implant the telomerase gene into
>the majority of cells in an organism.
>I am really looking foward to finding out what "PRIMORDIA" really is!
>Anyone have any information?
>Best Regards,
>>Prof. Tim Reynolds,
>>Professor of Cheical Pathology,
>>Queen's Hospital,

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