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>Hi William:

Hello! :-)

>I am afraid you are talking above Tim Reynolds' head.

Well, it does appear that way. But then again, he might truthfully
believe that GERON is going into the soup business. Perhaps if they
did discover a safe and effective telomerase inducer, they could add
it into various kinds of soup, just kidding.

>You see the good "professor" cannot even spell, let alone
>understand what you are saying.  :)

Well, I am not a great speller myself so I cannot say anything against
him on that. Seriously though, Tim, you may be correct and "PIRMORDIA"
might be something that has nothing to do with anti-aging, but then
again, it is at least "possible" it might be something amazing.

Take care and have a great day Olaf.

Best Regards,

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>>>Probably a type of soup.
>>In a way, you are correct. You see "theoretically" it could just be a
>>type of soup, dishwashing liquid, or dog food. But it seems to me that
>>there is also a good chance it is some kind of "substance",
>>"compound", or "drug", that has "something" to do with cellular aging,
>>for which obviously GERON has recieved a trademark.
>>>Or it could be green algae (packeged pond scum)
>>Again, theoretically, that could be a possibility. But I really hope
>>it is one of the following, even though it probably is not:
>>1) A telomerase inducer which would cause the telomerase gene already
>>present in cells to express itself and create telomerase.
>>2) A kind of viral vector that could implant the telomerase gene into
>>the majority of cells in an organism.
>>I am really looking foward to finding out what "PRIMORDIA" really is!
>>Anyone have any information?
>>Best Regards,
>>>Prof. Tim Reynolds,
>>>Professor of Cheical Pathology,
>>>Queen's Hospital,

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