Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

ufotruth at ufotruth at
Tue Dec 29 11:13:23 EST 1998

>Lets also hope they don't decide to charge $45,000,000US for it to.

I seriously doubt it would cost that much, even though at first it
would probably be expensive. The cost of such a therapy would depend
on many things such as the kind of therapy (viral vector, inducer,
etc), the number of times you would need to have the treatment for the
full therapeutic effect, the dosage required, the method by which it
would have to be administered (pill or injection), and many other

Personally, I am curious about which method they used to cause
telomerase to be expressed in human cells in vivo. They did not go
into details about that and it makes me start to wonder, could there
be a few more AMAZING press releases from them in the NEAR future
about a possible viral vector to deliver the telomerase gene or
perhaps one or more telomerase inducers?

Perhaps they will even have an announcment about PRIMORDIA! 

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