Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

Doug Hosack Doug! at
Tue Dec 29 16:47:05 EST 1998

ufotruth at wrote:
>I am wondering something though, they state in their press release
>that they expressed telomerase in-vivo, so does any body know what
>organism they immortalized, what were the results, did anything
>therapeutic occur?

I think the researchers simply placed the telomerase-transgenic cells into
autologous animals and noted that no tumors were formed as a result.
Technically, this is:
"in vivo data demonstrating that telomerase
expression in normal cells results in cellular immortality but does not
induce cancer-associated physical and biochemical characteristics."

Nothing is stated regarding the creation of an animal engineered to
constitutively express a system of telomere maintenance in mitotic cells.
This would be huge news, and would be directly stated in a press release . .

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