Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

ufotruth at ufotruth at
Tue Dec 29 12:53:55 EST 1998

>If they are the only ones providing "immortality in a bottle", they
>can set the price however they want, regardless of what the cost
>is of producing it.

Trust me, if GERON does indeed develope a telomere enlongation
therapy, whether it consists of an inducer or a viral vector, there
will be many other companies in other countries that will copy it and
make their own. Probably even in this country a "black market" will
form to smuggle in the drug/therapy or produce it themselves.

After a couple of years there will be so many different ways to get
access to the drug (from GERON, other countries, or the black market)
that the price will go down. 

>Combine the whole world wanting it with medical insurance and
>basic human greed, and $45,000,000 seems pretty likely.

I seriously doubt that. If there are millions and millions of people
who want such a therapy then I am sure that many other sources will
appear to fullfill the need. GERON will NOT be able to keep control of
such a drug/therapy for long. 

You are probably correct that in the first couple of years the price
will be very high (personally I would guess several thousand dollars)
but after that the price will most definantly go down considerably
whether GERON, the government, or anyone else desires for it to do so
or not.

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