Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

ufotruth at ufotruth at
Tue Dec 29 19:23:52 EST 1998

>Nothing is stated regarding the creation of an animal engineered to
>constitutively express a system of telomere maintenance in mitotic cells.
>This would be huge news, and would be directly stated in a press release . .

Thanks for the response. I appreciate it very much.

If they have not used some kind of viral vector to insert the
telomerase gene into all the cells of an organism, or at least the
vast majority, then in my opinion they need to do so ASAP.

The vector technology is already available, they have the telomerase
gene, and most definantly enough money to purchase a few monkeys,
rats, and other animals. So there is NO reason for them NOT to do such
an experiment. Such an experiment could lead to a therapy that could
rejuvinate our bodies and keep us humans (with stem cell treatment for
non-dividing cells) in a young and healthy state for centuries.

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