Chicken telomerase- what do you guys make of this?

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Wed Dec 30 07:54:15 EST 1998

Tony B. Csoka wrote:

> Telomerase expression in chickens: constitutive activity in somatic
> tissues and down-regulation in culture.

I'm delighted that someone has got around to doing this sort of study
on a bird, but the work reported is actually very preliminary compared
to what we know in mice and humans.  The major omission from this study
is an analysis of older birds: though chickens live up to 30 yers, the
oldest ones studied were only two years old.  They do say that levels
of telomerase were higher in newborns than in two-year-olds, and they
speculate that this trend may continue in later life, but they didn't
have any older birds to assay.

Aubrey de Grey

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