Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

james at james at
Wed Dec 30 14:06:33 EST 1998

>The paper says telomerase expression.
>Geron corp. has been working on three ways to do this.
>     1. Synthetic telomerase(telomerase analog) that would be stable in
>blood-stream long enought to reset your telomeres.
> 2. a chemical that would unlock your telomerase gene(telomerase inducer)
> 3. viral vector -unlikely,  we are many years from doing this.

Ex-vivo insertion of the genes might be accomplished using a device such as
Aastrom's Replicell and its "GeneLoader" technology (I'm not sure if this
uses a viral vector or what). The machine is in trials now for expansion of
bone marrow in ABMT and maybe cord blood expansion to theraputic amounts for

Another possibility might be Vical's direct injection gene therapy.


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