Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

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Wed Dec 30 19:13:23 EST 1998

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998 16:49:29 -0500, Deacon Sweeney
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>OK, so the telomerase gene being expressed in cells does not cause
>cancer... but, as I understand it, telomerase has never been posited to
>cause cancer.  Telomerase resupplies telomeres, but does not interfere
>with cell-cycle controls, eg, does not cause cancer.  

That is true, the fact that probably  made them cautious was that
almost all cancers test  positive for telomerase activity.  

The limited number
>of telomeric repeats keep cell populations from making too many babies,
>something which keeps benign tumors benign.  Why would anyone want to
>allow their constanly forming benign tumors to reproduce indefinitely? 
>Wouldn't malignancy skyrocket?

Yea I would think so that is why the announcement that there were no
malignant transofrmations is so exciting.


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