Telomerase Expression in Human Cells!

tan at tan at
Wed Dec 30 19:10:50 EST 1998

On Tue, 29 Dec 1998 10:03:38 GMT, ufotruth at wrote:

>I am wondering something though, they state in their press release
>that they expressed telomerase in-vivo, so does any body know what
>organism they immortalized, what were the results, did anything
>therapeutic occur?
Well, the title of the actual article in the post was:

"Telomerase Expression in Human Somatic Cells does not Induce Changes
Associated with a Transformed Phenotype,"

so I guess it was humans, but that seems weird.  I didn't know they
could be playing  around with telomerase in real live people with the
possibility that the patients might all get  cancer.  That seems weird
to say it was used in-vivo on human cells.  They must have been pretty
sure it was safe


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