Colleges that have aging research programs

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Wed Dec 30 19:30:06 EST 1998

thanks for your reply Deacon.  I wrote an e-mail to the Huffington
Center on Aging  at the University of Texas.  They have a biology of
aging program for graduates.  It looks like the best so far, but man
do I dislike hot and humid weather.  

By the way, I'm only a sophomore at a junior college but I think I
understood what you were saying.  I  am in central illinois, probably
going to transfer to U of Illinois, but they have zero people studying
aging as far as I know.  I wrote some e-mails and inquired but no one
knows of any researchers here into aging.  They don't have a molecular
biology major but they have a Cell and Structural biology major which
is pretty much the same thing.  There is also the possibility of
biochem, but I feel the future is in molbio and genetics. 

 I actually wrote a paper on the biology of aging for my chemistry
class this semester in which I read the original articles about the
telomerase studies, so I feel like I am well-informed about that.  I
was kinda surprised to see how surprised everyone here was at the post
about Geron's research, because the original papers were printed in
January of 98.  It was actually a Russian theoretical biologist who
came up with the telomere theory back  in 1974, but I forgot his name

So I guess I am pretty uneducated compared to you but I am really
anxious to get into a major school where I can put my enthusiasm to
work.  I wish I had a lab like you do, that sounds so cool.  


btw this e-mail is fake for anti-spam purposes

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