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Thu Feb 19 03:04:30 EST 1998

Giuseppe Verdesca wrote:
> For my study:
>         Surrondin and genetic factors in the aging. Study in a population of
> twin brother be on the 65 years old.
>         Question:
>         Do the twin brother suffer from the same illness during their whole
> life but especially in age?

I will assume that you mean identical twins rather that fraternal twins
which are merely brothers.

Even identical twins, however, are of at least two kinds. All share
original nuclear DNA, but some may have different mitochondrial DNA.

In any case, the DNA is merely a "recipe" for development. It is not a
complete design and development blueprint. The details of circulation
and nervous systems differ between identical twins and so, most
certainly, does the neural connectivity of the brain.

In addition, DNA only predisposes one to certain
biochemical/health/aging patterns. Environment including nutrition,
exercise, exposure to carcinogens, etc. all these things can make the
developmental, health and aging patterns of identical twins quite
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