Rutin and Vit C

Ralph L. Samson 73071.20 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Mon Feb 23 14:20:17 EST 1998

Dear Bionet Ageing Readers,
        Rutin is a flavanoid or flavanol glycoside that, according to the
dictionary, is used chiefly for strengthening capillary blood vessels.
Since Vitamin C also has some similar effect, the combination is even
more beneficial.  My experience is that it takes a 500 mg dose of rutin
to impart benefits.  A 50 mg dose is not adequate.  This can be taken
as a single dose.  The coordinated Vitamin C should be at least 500 mg,
but this may be in a divided dose to achieve other benefits.  Three
or four divisions will work to maintain some level of Vitamin C all
throughout the day.
        What possible benefits can be gained?  They include:
        1. Prevention of hemorrhagic strokes and possibly aneurysms;
        2. Prevevtion and cure of hemorrhoids and the similar problems,
                varicose veins and spider veins;
        3. Prevention and cure of retinal capillary damage, which may
                help against macular degeneration;
        4. Prevention and cure of nosebleeds;
        5. Prevention and cure of headaches, including migraines,
                based on research that leakage of substances, such
                as proteins, from blood vessels might be the cause.
        What evidence is there for these?  Some studies have suggested
No. 1 is true and it certainly sounds reasonable.  I have had personal
experience with No. 2.  Preparation H is supposed to have a main
ingredient related to Rutin.  I had some symptoms like macular
degeneration and an opthamologist noted AV nicking.  The symptoms
disappeared after a week or so on rutin.  No. 4 is pretty obvious.
No. 5 is speculative.  I have no experience, since I haven't had
a headache in many years.  I would appreciate if any migraine
sufferers who tried this would report the results to the readers.
Regards and to your good health, Ralph

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