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Brian Rowley browley at GALAXY.UCR.EDU
Sat Feb 28 18:46:06 EST 1998

>(2) Increasing length of circadian cycle
>This is just a hunch, but since it seemed to hasten death in rats when a
>short seasonal cycle was used.  Possibly a longer day night (with maybe
>artificial seasonal influences in temp, lux, sunrise/sunset times, etc.)
>would trick the nematodes growth cycle?    Sorry I can't find the rat
>study for you.

If I remember correctly, light as a variable affects life span of rotifers
(small aquatic microorganisms). See work by Enesco. The same might have been
done on fruit flies. More light was associated with less life span, less
light with longer life span. However, it was more complicated than that and
there were circadian effects if I remember correctly.

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