successfull aging

Vladimir V. Bakaev vlad at
Fri Jun 19 07:35:25 EST 1998

Mike Hogan wrote:
<Can anyone give me recent references for Popular Books which discuss
<the biological, psychological and social dimensions of successful
<aging?  Many people have been asking me to give talks or suggest
<non-academic readings on "how to age successfully", "maintaining
<cognitive abilities", "controling anxiety and promoting activity"
<etc. and yet here in Ireland there are very few publications
<Where can I order these books from?
<Best Wishes,
<Mike Hogan.  PhD Fellow.

Dear Dr. Mike Hogan:
I am trying to tell you about Belgian gerontologist Herman LeCompte, I have
any his books about "how to age successfully",  "maintaining cognitive abi-
lities", "controling anxiety and promoting activity" etc.
His mailing  address:  Herman  Le Compte,  Fabiolalaan,  14,  Knokke-Zoute,
B-8300, Belgium.
Best regards,
Bakaev V.V.

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