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Carol Ghatak

October 5-7, 1998
San Diego, California

Cambridge Healthtech Institute (organizer)
Co-Sponsored by HealthSpan Sciences 

What follows is a detail of the topics to be discussed.

Mechanisms of Aging and Therapeutic Targets 
-Genetic Analysis of Extended Life Span 
-Molecular Genetics of Ageing and Stress Response
-Using Selection to Analyze Postponed Aging
-Single Genes Retard Mammalian Aging
-Defining Replicative Senescence with Array-Based Expression Analyses 
-Life-Extension as Resistance to Stress

Cell Senescence and Telomerase 
-Regulation of Higher Order Chromatin Structure
-Telomerase and Senescence Associated Genes
-Extension of Cellular Lifespan
-DNA Repair, Cell Senescence and Aging
-Mapping Oxidative Genomic DNA Damage

Oxidative Stress, Aging and Disease
-The Role of Oxidative Stress in Aging and Disease
-Salen Manganese Complexes for Age Associated Disorders
-Relevance of Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress to Alzheimer's Disease
-Genetic Modifiers for Neonatal Lethality and Cardiomyopathies 
-C. elegans and Oxidative Stress Factor Research 

Therapeutic Strategies: General and Age-Related Diseases
-Protein-Protein Interactions in Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease
-Exploring the Role of Apoptosis in Neurodegeneration 
-Implications of Presenilins and Microtubules in Alzheimer's Disease 
-Breaking A.G.E. Crosslinks
-Potential Metabolic Targets 

Dr. Bryant Villeponteau, HealthSpan Sciences Inc.
Dr. James Curtsinger, University of Minnesota
Dr. Bruce Howard, National Institute on Child Health and Human
Development, NIH
Dr. Mark A. Lane, National Institute on Aging, Intramural Research
Program, Gerontology Research Center
Dr. Julie K. Andersen, University of Southern California
Dr. James R. Burke, Duke University Medical Center
Dr. Allan Butterfield, University of Kentucky
Dr. Susan R. Doctrow, Eukarion Inc.
Dr. John J. Egan, Alteon, Inc. 
Dr. Walter Funk, Geron Corporation
Dr. David Harrison, Jackson Laboratories
Dr. Ting-Ting Huang, University of CA, San Francisco
Dr. Tom Johnson, University of Colorado at Boulder and GenoPlex, Inc. 
Dr. Gordon J. Lithgow, University of Manchester and Council Science of
Ageing Initiative, United Kingdom
Dr. Ronald Pero, OXiGENE Inc.
Dr. Henry Rodriguez, National Institute of Standards and Technology 
Dr. Michael R. Rose, University of CA, Irvine
Dr. Hidetoshi Tahara, National Institute of Environmental Health
Sciences, and Hiroshima University School of Medicine, Japan
Dr. Nikolaos Tezapsidis, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Dr. Sam Ward, University of Arizona and HealthSpan, Inc.
Dr. Woodring E. Wright, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Researchers involved in "biogerontology", immunology, virology,
and genetics as they relate to anti-aging research should not miss this

For more information, please contact Carol Ghatak at
csussman at healthtech.com or fax: 617-630-1325


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