spider veins

mvd at avana.net mvd at avana.net
Fri Mar 13 08:23:01 EST 1998

I  hate spider veins and hot flashes.  There are alternative measures that I
have tried because the thought of hormone shots or surgery scare me to death.
 Right now I am working on the veins with something called Dermal-K that I
found out about on the Web at a place called Fast Track Health.  It seems to
be working, and also helps my skin.  I guess they have stuff for hot flashes
also, but I am more concerned about the veins right now.  The hot flashes will
go away - I hope - sooner or later.  But, those veins are here for life unless
I do something!  Check it out!

I am just now studying on the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin.  Does anyone
know if the creme works?  I haven't seen too many articles on it.  I think I
like the idea of a creme rather than a pill.

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