Nutrition and aging

Jerry Fisher jerryjoyce at RPA.NET
Sat Mar 14 10:53:59 EST 1998

Dear People Interested In Using Nutrition to Prevent or Reverse Disease:

Perhaps my story and the information and hope it provides can help you or
your friends and family increase the quality of their lives.

I am 79 years old and have been able to reverse my own osteoporosis through
diet (see my Densitometer test on my home page) and help my husband to
reverse his heart disease, strokes and fight dementia through diet. I
document the medical research studies and recipes I used to achieve this in
my recently published book, Research and Recipes on Dementia, Osteoporosis,
Heart Disease, and Cancer, as well as my other earlier books (My
Osteoporosis Story and Diet; My High Calcium, Low Cholesterol Diet for
Osteoporosis; and Heart Disease and Research and Recipes for Osteoporosis,
Heart Disease and Cancer).   

The books detail how I have been able to reverse my own osteoporosis,
without taking calcium or estrogen supplements and show others how they
perhaps can achieve the same results.  They also detail how the one diet
that I used to reverse osteoporosis can also be used to reverse heart
disease, cancer and dementia.  The combination of the books review over 200
medical studies from the New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet,
Journal of Nutrition, etc., on how diet can affect a person's health and
well-being as one ages.  If you or your friends and family haven't had a
chance to review these studies, the books will serve as a good resource. 
They can also serve as a refesher for those who have seen the studies.

The books also provide over 200 recipes applying the research findings from
the studies.  
I have a home page site, giving further
information on each of the books, a copy of their table of contents and the
forewords by Dr. Robert Heinle, Professor of Medicine at the University of
Rochester, and other leading medical professionals.  The National Institute
of Aging, The Gerontology Research Group, The National Osteoporosis
Foundation, and many other medical web sites have reviewed my site and my
books and decided to provide a link in their site to mine. The Awesome
Library has even hosted my 1998 research summaries on foods to eat more of
and foods to avoid, you can check it out, at

If you do decide to purchase my books (priced at only $9.95 each) it would
not be of commercial benefit to me, because I donate all the proceeds from
the sale of the books to the poor. But your purchase could help you and
your friends and family live a happier and healthier life and will be of
great charity benefit to the poor people that get the proceeds from the
sale of my books.

You can preview sample research summaries and recipes from my book in my

When you review my home page press package material you will see I have
spoken to numerous medical groups and government agency personnel who are
concerned with helping the general public ward off diseases with diet.
Hopefully the information in my books can be of benefit to you your family
and friends or others with whom you have contact.

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope the information in my home page
and books help you to live a happier and healthier life.


Rosemary Fisher
78 Seascape Drive
Rochester, New York 14612
rcfisher at

P.S.  I have just updated my site by adding sample sections from my books
and 5 new 1998 articles summarizing additional recent research on how
nutrition can help prevent and or reverse heart disease, cancer,
osteoporosis and dementia. I also add a list of foods to consider eating
and avoiding for heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and dementia.  I will
be updating my site again with additional materiel, so feel free to visit
it often. I am constantly updating my home page to provide additional
summaries of the latest medical research on how nutrition can affect


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