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Tue Mar 17 19:18:56 EST 1998

Fred Kippert <fkippert at> wrote:
>I would be very sceptical about an effect of  lengthening the
>light-dark cycle.
I too. I done experiment with temperature changing (day-night), but without
success. Then these worms in wild nature are living in soil,  i.e. in dark-
>First, it could only work if you kept the length
>within the range of entrainment (which as far as I am aware has not
>been determined for C. elegans). Usually this range is rather
>narrow, which means that you could not expect a pronounced effect and
>would therefore need high numbers of animals for significant results.
>Second, an exogenous cycle rather far from the endogenous one can
>mean stress to an organism and could thus counteract a possible
>'beneficial' effect of a lengthened ligh-dark cycle.
You are right too.  During the evolution every taxon has adapted to the en-
vironmental conditions and most of any changes will be hapmful.  Then, I do
hope that any changes of electromagnetic field, may be, can have beneficial
effect due effect on any enzyme active centers. No doubt, many experiments!
>Best regards
>Fred Kippert
 Best regards,
 Vladimir V. Bakaev

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