mathematic model for aging

spring spring at
Fri Mar 20 20:21:44 EST 1998

amory wrote:
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> i am interested in learning if there are any mathematical models or
> theories that help explain the aging process.  specifically, does choas
> theory offer any insights into aging?  my line of thinking is that chaos
> theory explains very complicated systems with all sorts of variables, which
> is what a human or any other relatively advanced animal is.  does
> mathematics hold the key for discovering how to manipulate immensely
> complex systems, or if it is even possible?  i am a novice so please
> forgive any stupid questions.
> amoryWe are not at the stage of detailed qualitative understanding when it 
comes to ageing. Once we have that, then mathematical models might be 
applicable. At this point making a mathematical model (except very 
simple statistical models, NOT chaos) would not shed much light on 

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