Visual tracking, optokinetic aging

Michael Hogan Michael.Hogan at UCG.IE
Thu Mar 26 06:55:48 EST 1998

Have any of you come across any studies which have looked at 
optokinetic tracking and the blurring speed (visual tracking limits) 
in the elderly population.  Lewinson (1990) used a 3-D optical 
scanner (basically a projector) to test the blurring speed of young 
dyslexic and non-dyslexic groups.  He suggested that this tracking 
ability was a measure of cerebellar functioning and found it to 
correlate with measures of Romberg balance.  Also, both cerebellar 
abilities had discriminative validity and distinguised dyslexic and 
non-dyslexic groups.
Aging is associated with declines in balance and visual tracking (if 
you want references ask me, I'll send you a chapter).  But I have not 
found studies which specifically use the blurring speed methodology.
Have any of you?
Give us a hand here folks.
Mike Hogan.  Ireland.

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