"Witch Hunt" against anti-aging researcher

Brian Manning Delaney bmdelaney at notarealaddr.ess
Sun Mar 29 18:05:50 EST 1998

Tom Matthews wrote:

> [...] I am posting the following description of
> her plight [...].


The description of Marguerite M.B. Kay's plight doesn't give
any details about that with which she's being charged. I'm
sure you wouldn't have posted it without knowing more, so
could you please mention what the actual charges are? Is it
even a legal battle at all? Maybe she's charged with
violating university policy. Perhaps she's charging the
university with something? Maybe this is just about tenure

> I invite others to pass this message along to
> other life extensionists or life-extension
> related newsgroups and/or lists.

This sounds like it might be an important enough issue that
some substantive details should be brought in before
anything gets massively cross-posted again.

Thanks for any more info you can provide.

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