Telomeric Theory - Related Reseach - Mitochondria

Robert Ames gnome at
Fri Oct 2 03:56:03 EST 1998

>Superoxide, then, is a free radical, and may react with DNA and proteins.
>Also, it can change into other free radicals that are even nastier: they
>damage lipids, the molecules that make up membranes.  This reaction, called
>lipid peroxidation, is particularly insidious, because it can "branch" --

There is a superoxide dismutase product called Orgotein (Palosein TM),
which is effective against inflammation in animals when injected and
is apparently used for humans in Europe.

The trouble is, it is made from some beef product.  Does anyone know
if there's a danger of contracting Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease with this

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