Rate of aging of young adults

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Fri Oct 9 22:27:12 EST 1998

>A popular view is that aging proceeds mainly as a vicious cycle --
>that is, that the degenerative changes caused by aging are themselves
>causative of further aging, and indeed inject more impetus into the
>rate of aging than do the primary processes that brought (and continue
>to bring) them about.  This translates, of course, into slower aging
>in youth than later, as Tom describes.  I think this MAY be wrong --
>that the main determinants of the rate of aging may be processes which
>are NOT greatly accelerated by their own progress (including via the
>other effects of that progress) -- but I certainly know of no remotely
>conclusive evidence on this point.

Do you think it is possible that the reason why people start to age at
an accelerated rate when they reach the age of lets say 50 or so years
old is because by then the telomeres in their cells have shortened
enough to actually start making them age? 

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>Aubrey de Grey

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