Cristofalo Study [was Senescence and Crisis: Whats the difference?]

Aubrey de Grey ag24 at
Sat Oct 17 12:06:05 EST 1998

Tom Mahoney wrote:

> >Now, I would have been less surprised if you'd said that the selection
> >of donors skewed BOTH the telomere length and the replicative capacity,
> >such that the (perhaps unusually healthy) older donors has on average
> >the same length telomeres (hence replicative capacity) as younger ones.
> >That's admissible -- "all" you have to do is square it with the finding
> >that health does not confer indefinite lifespan.
> That was my suggestion, which I may not have made clear, and without data
> on telomeric length from the study we don't know if it's accurate or not.

No problem -- it's clear now.  Moreover, in case there is any doubt let
me repeat that I too think that the fibroblast telomeres of their old and
young donors were the same length -- I only disagree that it was all that
necessary to measure them if one's already measuring replicative capacity.

So, having sorted that out, please explain how you square this with the
finding (which I hope you accept) that health does not confer indefinite

Aubrey de Grey

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