Exaggerated Ageing in Space

James Howard jmhoward at sprynet.com
Mon Oct 19 17:09:04 EST 1998

I sent the following email to Senator Glenn's Office today. It
provides a possible explanation of exaggerated aging in space. Within
this is an explanation of aging on earth.

"Space flight interrupts the melatonin - DHEA cycle and increases
cortisol, which causes aging. See J Pineal Res 1995; 18: 141. It is
currently understood that cortisol is an "anti-DHEA" hormone.
Additionally, you can use Medline to find many references supporting
the positive effects of DHEA on bone growth and maintenance. One of
the areas found to exhibit exaggerated aging in astronauts is bone
aging. Cortisol produces opposite effects on bone. Please see my
explanation of sleep, based on melatonin and DHEA at

James Howard"

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