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Magnus Lynch mdl24 at
Sun Oct 25 18:12:16 EST 1998

> I guess all cells receive some of their signals that way, but if
> we are talking about fat loss then we are talking about
> adipocytes, not fibroblasts.  I don't really know, but because of
> the role they play in the body (and the fact that they don't
> divide anyway) it seems more likely to me that adipocytes would
> be hormonally regulated rather than regulated largely by the ECM.

Adipocytes develop from fibroblasts. This differentiation is stimulated by growth
hormone released from the pituitary gland and is to some extent reversible. It is
well known that the plasma concentration of growth hormone decreases dramatically
with age, thus it seems plausible that a significant cause of fat loss could be
this decrease in growth hormone. One observation which supports this theory is
that the physical signs of ageing i.e. wrinkeled skin are accelerated in an
individual lacking growth hormone. I have no idea how important signals from the
ECM are in regulating adipocyte differentiation.

Magnus Lynch

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